You’re right.

I haven’t served. I haven’t been through basic or deployed. So who am I to assume I can help you?

I’m a base brat with parents who were active duty, a sister in the reserves, a brother in law who recently retired, and I have numerous friends who returned from deployment not the way they left. Serving you is my DUTY. Because when someone is willing to give their life for mine, they deserve to see they aren’t forgotten. I will fight whatever is going on with you without judgment. You are not forgotten. Your service meant and continues to mean something.

I will work with you to help figure out where you belong now. The transition to civilian life isn’t always easy, and it’s ok to seek support from someone who has seen that process more than once. It doesn’t make you weak… weakness is not having the courage to admit when you need someone or need to talk about it. You are most definitely NOT weak.

army helmets

What Might We Look At?

• How you are still you, even without your unit.
• How you still have things to offer.
• How to deal with the bureaucracy (and frustrations with it).
• How to cope with any remaining issues like nightmares, adrenaline cravings, guardedness, feelings of abandonment, etc.
• How the reasons you might have to keep struggling are just as valid as the reasons to change.
• How to cope with uncertainty in civvy life.

Basically, all the things you really don’t like to admit you are feeling because you have been trained to always be on guard, always certain, always know your role, and always support your unit.

How Does It Work?

We will do this by using the strengths you already have: awareness, focus, and tenacity. We will turn those skills inward to look at you, along with your environment. We may even discuss more specialized strategies like EMDR and hypnosis, along with traditional talk therapy. Remember though, you are the one with the power and control. We work as a team.

What Might Happen?

After a few sessions, you may notice:
• Greater ability to have restful sleep.
• Greater ability to use your strengths in a way that helps instead of hurts you.
• Greater ability to navigate and adapt to civvy life.
• Greater ability to communicate your experience with loved ones.
• Greater acceptance of the “new” you.
• Greater awareness of feeling more accepted in your “new” role.

What's Next?

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