Strong Interest Inventory

I hate my job!

Well, I don’t, but many people out there do. And it’s not always because the nature of the job isn’t great, but it might be the match of that particular job with your personality. That’s where the Strong Interest Inventory can help!


What Is It?

The Strong Interest Inventory is an assessment that examines your unique personality, matches it with your interests, and then matches it with the personalities and interests of people that have been doing the jobs you’re matched with. Ok, a little general and a whole lot of matching. It’s like it’s the eHarmony of employment! Here’s an example:

When I took the Strong as part of my training, I was shocked to find that one of the professions listed was Chef. Really? I mean, I love to cook, but man, I’ve seen Hell’s Kitchen, and it doesn’t seem to fit with helping others. What you do with the Strong though, is look at HOW the jobs are typically performed and in what environments. Chef then fit because I like to create but work with others and I like a faster paced environment but not crazy fast all the time. So my personality fit with others who are happy doing that job. Key word being happy! That’s the power of the Strong Interest Inventory. It opens you to other possibilities (or shows you where you are already in line with them).

Is It For Me?

This is for you if you are wondering what steps to take next if you are thinking of leaving a job or if you are looking at other jobs within your organization. This is also for you if you are a high school senior or already attending college.

What's the Process?

You would meet with me for a half hour session to discuss your purposes for taking the Strong. If these match what the Strong was designed for, then I would send you an invitation to take the assessment online (it takes about 30 minutes). Once you have completed that, I receive a notification that it’s ready to be analyzed. After completing that task (in about a week’s time), I would make an appointment with you to go over the results. That would take approximately one and a half hours. So it’s about two and a half hours of your time to end up with a clearer picture of how to thrive in your work life, which then can make you happier at home! Awesome!

What's Next?

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