Self-Esteem and Confidence

"When you trust yourself, then you will know how to live."


Well, thanks for that. Now, how do I do that exactly?

You’re right – improving your self-esteem and confidence is difficult. BUT, it is also possible!

How Does It Work?

Sciency bit: even though our brains are wired to look for the negative (What? Ugh!), you can train yours to work in a way that allows more of the positive in. Current thinking has moved away from the term self-esteem and more into self-compassion and self-trust. We’ll use this research (from Brené Brown and Kristen Neff, for example) some mindfulness skills (combined with traditional talk therapy), and possibly hypnosis or EMDR to kick those Negative Nellies right in the butt!


Is It For Me?

This is for you if you’ve struggled with the negative voices in your head or self-doubt that holds you back. You’ll begin to trust yourself by learning to decipher what you are telling you. Sounds weird, but really, it makes sense! Your mind, body, and emotional reactions are honest and give a wealth of information, if you learn how to listen to them. You already have the answers, so let’s use them!

What Might Happen?

After some sessions, you may begin to:
• Feel more self-assured
• Feel eager to live life.
• Feel pretty proud of yourself (Yep, I said it – GASP!).
• Feel more trust in yourself and less self-doubt.

What's Next?

Ready to do this?

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