Grief and Loss

You hear the news, but the words that follow no longer register. You feel numb – separate from the world around you. For that one moment, you can pretend it’s not really happening.

Whether it’s loss due to death, a medical diagnosis, a major life change (like moving or retirement), or relationship changes (like divorce), I can help you deal with grief. Together, we will pick up those pieces and find a new way forward. The grief will soften.


What Might We Talk About?

Therapy for grief and loss covers many topics:

• Death.
• Coping with a new medical diagnosis (either yours or someone you care about).
• Really, any major life change, whether positive or negative (like moving, loss of friendship, divorce, retirement, dealing with an addict, empty nesting, changing schools, loss of pets, changing careers, new baby, new family structures, etc.).

When dealing with grief and loss, you’ll confront the question, “Who am I now?” and the thoughts and feelings around the change (like anger, bargaining, and what it means about me if I accept the change). We’ll use traditional talk therapy and possibly more specialized techniques (like EMDR or hypnosis), if needed. We work together, as a team, to decide this. You are NOT alone!

That’s what makes therapy for grief and loss so helpful – when grieving we often separate ourselves because we don’t want to be a burden. Then, on top of it, people don’t know what to say or do which can create more distance (ever hear the awkward “I’m sorry for your loss”?). By working with me, you aren’t alone and you’re free to grieve in whatever way is healthy for you. You don’t have to pretend everything is ok. You can rest easy here.

What Might Happen?

Through this, you may:
• Discover who you are now.
• Move toward acceptance (whatever that might look like for you).
• Process residual confusion, anger, conflicted feelings, sadness, physical pain, etc., leading to more peace and a greater ability to reconnect with living life.

What's Next?

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