Food Issues/Craving Change Workshops

Relationships are complicated enough. When you consider a relationship with food, though, it takes the cake (Groan)!

We need food to survive. We are surrounded by fast food on every corner and every second commercial, especially when we are trying to eat healthy. Darn it, you deserve that big bag of Lays (it’s true you can’t eat just one)! It’s not your fault no one else hears it calling your name! Besides, it just feels good!

Or then there are the days when you just can’t eat because the thought of having the energy to make something healthy is just too much work. Or you just feel nauseous at the thought of food. You can’t win when it comes to your relationship with food.

Or can you?

Here’s the thing. Once you figure out the why of eating, you can make different choices. Yes, you might deserve that second helping of lemon meringue pie (or third or fourth – not judging!), or you might not have time to eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner (jeez, don’t people realize you have things to DO?), but, in reality, I’d bet that it often comes down to:
• Putting every one and thing before you (because you’re awesome at taking care of others!)
• You are trying to cope with stress without inconveniencing anyone. (Food is an amazing soother!)
• You don’t know how to put yourself first.
• It’s a way to numb out from emotional pain without admitting to yourself (or anyone else) you’re struggling with loneliness, fear, boredom, anger, sadness, being overwhelmed, etc.

Believe it or not, I’ve been there. And I can help you with that.


Ways We Can Work Together:

1. Individual therapy targeting negative beliefs, emotions, and life situations.
2. The Craving Change Workshop for individuals or groups of five (5) to thirty (30) people. See for more details about Craving Change.

Let’s be clear. This is NOT for clinical eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, or bingeing. This is for regular people whose relationship with food either leads to over eating OR avoiding food.

Individual therapy would use strategies like talk therapy, EMDR, or clinical hypnosis to uncover the reasons behind your food relationship. Then, we’d use body, mind, and emotional resources to help create new, healthier interactions with food. Finally, we’d look at your environment (like supports and time constraints) to give you the best chance of being successful with your new perspective. Remember, this change could be a big change for your family as well, so we’ll navigate how to help that happen.

The Craving Change Workshop depends on interest and would occur over four (4), two (2) hour workshops. Fees depend on the amount of people in your group. For example, if you are coming alone, the fee would be 180.00, which would include individualized sessions and more like regular therapy. Once the groups become larger, it becomes difficult to include the individualized therapy, therefore, the rate is less. Contact us for more information.

What Might Happen?

After therapy (either individual or the Craving Change Workshop), you may:
• Make healthier food decisions.
• Feel empowered.
• Feel more confident in your abilities and decisions, in general.
• Etc.

What's Next?

Want to start changing your relationship with food?

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