You’re in the bottom of a dark pit with no handholds. You look up and can see a pinpoint of light, but it’s so far away. There are no sounds, just a darkness that pushes at you. You feel like you want to cry but you’re also numb to the experience. You are tired, so tired…

Then you see a flicker of light and feel a fresh, cooling breeze. Someone has climbed down into the pit and is going to help you find your way out.

That’s what I can offer.

Depression can show up as a lingering sadness or complete numbness (like a “Meh”). It leads to isolation, overwhelming exhaustion, and a general problem with functioning in life, let alone living it.


What Does Therapy for Depression Look Like?

Together, we will use some tried and true strategies to first get you re-engaged with life. Then, we’ll dig deeper, using talk therapy, hypnosis, or EMDR to look at some underlying roots of the problem, like thought patterns, persistent body sensations, or repeated ways of responding. From this, the depression can become more manageable, even to the point where you might not feel bothered by it anymore.

What Might Happen?

Depending on how depression affects you, you may:
• Feel more energy.
• Feel more hope.
• Sleep better and feel less body pain.
• Recognize thought patterns that are working against you AND know how to lessen their power.
• Recognize ways of interacting with your world that help AND hinder you.
• Feel _______________ (insert what works for you!)

And yes, I’m telling you the truth. Therapy can actually work with depression.

What's Next?

Ready to start living life again?

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