Kim Long


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Hey, let's face it. Therapy is scary.

There. I said it. Going to see a stranger to confront emotions and admit you can’t do it alone anymore is intimidating. And then there’s the fear that someone else will know and judge you for it.

Let’s take a breath. And another. You are not alone. We will get through this together.

Who Am I?

Now, I’m assuming you don’t want to hear all the technical mumbo jumbo about what it is I do. It’s there, but I’ve got a feeling you just want to know if I can help you or not. Well, I would sincerely love to try!

I’m Kim Long and I love to be a resource for vets, adolescents, and regular people just like you so you can feel safer in an unpredictable world by rebuilding trust in yourself again. I’ve lived with not trusting myself, and believe me; the other side is a lot more fun.

After a lifetime as a base brat, an undergrad in psychology, an after degree in education (and ten years teaching elementary and junior high students), I took my Masters of Counselling degree and, finally, registered as a psychologist in Alberta (whew!). Along the way, I realized I’ve always been driven to help others find their voice and feel accepted in this crazy world.

I can relate to the fears, insecurities, frustrations, and confusion of starting and staying in therapy because I’ve been through it. And I still choose to go, even today.

What Does Working With Me Look Like?

Picture our relationship as you being the driver and I’m the dependable GPS. You control the journey and I observe where you want to go and organize all the different ways to get there. You choose when and where you take a different route and I empower you to reach your destination by trusting the maps provided by your mind, body, and emotions. You still get where you want to go, but sometimes it’s a scenic route.

How does our relationship start? First, is the initial appointment. This is the same, regardless of the issue you want to work on. Here, I’ll go over an ethical spiel, so you know what you are agreeing to, and then I’ll ask you for your story. We probably won’t get through your entire story in one sitting (because you are more than what brought you to me in the first place), but we’ll get a pretty good start. That’s it! Painless and simple, right?

In terms of timeframe, that depends on what’s going on and what roadblocks might come up. I wish I could tell you, “Hey, absolutely, three sessions and you’re as good as new,” but, unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Once we’ve met and gotten a pretty good history, then we can talk a bit more about timeframe. I don’t like to make promises that I can’t guarantee delivery on.

In reality, the most important thing about the initial meeting is… wait for it… it’s an opportunity for you to decide if I’m the right person for you!
Yep, you have all the control and power! You’re right, I’ll be learning about you and looking at my ability to give what you need, BUT you still get to decide if you can trust me enough to do the hard work of therapy!

What’s even better is if you decide I’m not the right fit, I am more than willing to help you find who is! So you still aren’t alone in figuring this out. (With that said, I’m always hopeful I’m your person… pick me, pick me!).

What's Next?

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